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Hello again. 

One more, there has been much water under the bridge. I will be moving to Perth at the end of June, following my partner Jean who has taken up a place at the University of Western Australia. She has returned to law after working as a journalist for many years. She did very well, too, but now the law and in particular dispute resolution and mediation has attracted her to a different path. She will certainly  have stellar success, similar to that which she had as an international correspondent. And goodness gracious doesn't the law need a new way of doing things! Who can afford lawyers any more, charging $400 an hour to resolve a dispute?

As for me, I have to admit that I'm not feeling my best due to a difficult regime of chemotherapy. It has really knocked me about. It makes me feel for all those sufferers who have to go through this long treatment. Before I became sick I read somewhere that chemotherapy won't kill you but it may make you wish you were dead.

And so we come adroitly t0 my recent blog. As promised, it's the second part of my experiences dealing with cancer. I am writing it because I would like people to have some understanding of the disease and its treatment. It's not definitive, but it should give you some idea and make you more aware. Anyway, I hope so.

Look after yourselves and remember, you have a mighty pen. Use it often and in a good cause.

Chris Slatter


Don't Look Now Part 2

 I was still having hallucinations. I wasn’t aware of receiving any drugs through my ever-present drip, so these fantasies must have emanated from me. There was a garden area outside my hospital window, between my building and the building opposite. It was a haven for birds as there were plenty [...]

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I have been an advertising copywriter, film director, teacher of screenwriting and a television producer. I have worked for some of the world's largest advertising agencies in Australia and the UK before attending the London Film School for two years.

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