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No prizes for guessing the theme of the blog this month. It is of course about getting published and what to do about it if you find that your work is regularly rejected.

As with most enterprises the path to success is a rocky and winding one. That applies to everyone, by the way. There  are no stars overnight, in spite of what magazine writers and talk shows would have us believe. The one great characteristic you should develop is persistence. Never give up. Never!

But what have I been doing for the six months since I last blogged? Well, I visited the Frankfurt Book to promote a new book and was overwhelmed by the number of titles on offer. There were thousands of them and hundreds of publishers all clamouring for attention. How does anyone ever break through, I asked myself as I wandered the miles and miles of exhibits. And yet people do, year after year. As I said, persistence is the key.

I also visited the Canary Islands in December and discovered, once again, how healing the sun and the sea are. The walk to the beach was long and slow and the walk back to the hotel challenging. 187 steps up the cliffside walkway. It was a wonderful way to relax and get fit before Christmas.

 I have started a new book. The Tour Guide is a scientific thriller set in the City of London and I have been haunting the Guildhall Library. It's the official repository for London's historical documents and I was given a tour of the subterranean stacks. If you have a moment and an interest in history I can recommend it. It's called the Treasures of the Guildhall Library and, amazingly, it's free to attend.

 Remember, you have a mighty pen. Use it often and in a good cause.

Chris Slatter


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This will be apparent to most writers, but for those who are not aware, the fact is that it is extremely unlikely that you will get your new book published, at least, by a conventional publisher.  Why is this, you ask? Your book is well-written and you have had it [...]
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